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Ariant Veg Processing Unit

Ariant Veg Organization has started its own Processing Unit in Maddur taluk with the main intention to increase our Farmers Income.

* The Farmers have to register their address and place of cultivation for receiving the Sowing seeds from us. We Provide the best quality seeds as well as information regarding Agricultural development to the Farmers. The Harvested Vegetables will be taken care of and bought by the Ariant Veg Organization.

* The Sowing seeds money will be paid by the Farmers after the Harvesting process.

* Ariant Veg Organization provides 3 to 4 variants of Sowing seeds to Farmers annually and also offers the training & Guidelines required for Mixed Crop Cultivation.

* Ariant Veg Organization has on boarded the skilled Agricultural panel of experts to provide training and information to the Farmers. These Agricultural Experts will inspect the Cultivation land and provide the necessary Information for the benefits of Farmers.

* The Full crop should be given to the Ariant Veg Organization once after it is grown. These Grown crops are categorised to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels based on the proper Measurement and Inspection conducted by our panel of Experts in the Company Premises. We inform our Farmers prior one day before buying the Crops and the Crop rates offered by us will be based on the Daily market analysis. The Company deposits the amount to the Farmer's account on the same day of Crop Sale.

* We conduct Farmers Meeting every month to provide the Information required for Agricultural development. Our Agricultural panel of Experts will provide the training related to Mixed crop Cultivation, Organic farming & benefits of following the best practices to grow naturally in the environment.

* The Farmers who offer the best quality of Harvest will be selected and rewarded from our Company.

There are 3 great benefits to the Farmers from our Organization.

* Income from the Harvest
* Natural Fodder Production for Cattle farming & Development
* Women employment & empowerment

The Evolution of Ariant Veg

ARIANT VEG was started to bring Quality Exotic Vegetables for the food industry and end consumers right from the farm. We provide better quality seeds to the local farmers and sell the vegetables through stringent quality control measures to guarantee farm-fresh vegetables.

We resolve to offer healthy vegetables to Indian kitchens by correct farming practices cold or normal storage minimal processing and faster delivery times.

Our Vision

Ariant Veg larger vision is to export the vegetables of India to foreign countries, thereby offering a sustainable and profitable livelihood to our farmers. We intend to promote excellence in Indian farming providing farmers with a constant supply of better quality seeds which can be used to produce a superior quality crop, which in turn increases Agriculture economic growth.

Apart from helping farmers, Ariant Veg wishes to train and encourage local people into employment aiding empowerment.

Our Mission

The bigger goal at Ariant Veg is to do sustainable, safe and quality exotic vegetables market. We wish to channelize all our efforts towards creating a convenient and affordable service for delivering fresh safe and healthy vegetables straight from the farm to the end consumers.The company also wants to support rural development and offer farmers a profitable livelihood option.

In doing so, it looks forward to making a turnover of 500 crores within 2023 - 24.

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Key Highlights

* Sri Ashwini Enterprises and Ariant Veg Private Limited are owned by Mr. Yogesh C.B as Managing Director and Mrs. Mamatha V has joined as Director for Ariant Veg Private Limited in 2018.

* Sri Ashwini Enterprises was started on 01 December 2000, started with Distributorship of Nandini Milk & Milk Products.

* Ariant Veg partners with its Clients by reaching out to renowned Five Group of Star Hotels, B2B Market spaces like Reliance Fresh, MORE Super Market, Bigbasket, METRO, STAR Bazzar, DMART, Big Bazaar & all other HyperCity Markets in Malls. Targeting PAN India(Major Cities) & Export all over the World.

* Ariant Veg has 12 Direct Sales Outlets in a prime location and the Ariant Sales Outlets are increasing on a regular basis to increase sales revenue.

* Currently, Ariant Veg operates from Full Fledged Warehouse near Nayandahalli, Pramod Layout, Bengaluru.

* Earlier Sri Ashwini Enterprises Sales were operated from Bengaluru, Mysore, Madikeri & Tamil Nadu.

* Ariant Veg has a Team Strength of 150+ Members and is growing consistently.